S. Kitson

We (as a nation) should praise more. We are happy to moan and expend a lot of energy doing so. To contextualise the following comments I am a person who dislikes going to dentists, so anything positive I say should be multiplied manifold.

I went to the dentist yesterday and was met by a Scottish dentist who was so soothing, empathetic and caring. She explained exactly what was going on before anything happened. Answered all my questions with grace. Her manner was so pleasant that I suspect that she possibly mostly works with children. (But not patronising). She reminded me of my godmother who also a Scottish dentist.

Additionally, she had the most pleasant relationship with her dental nurse. Which made the experience even nicer

This is the first ever time that I have enjoyed going to the dentist.

I have 2hour dental appointment coming up, normally I would be worried, but I am actually looking forward to it. They even let me watch CBeebies on the TV situated on the roof.

I promised that I would write a review and am scoring my visit 11/10.

If you are at all anxious about dentist, this is the lady to see…. Canine thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish there were Molar dentists like you. Your comments were very incisors. You filled the experience with mirth. You should be awarded with a plaque….. Puns over…… Thanks